FrontCoverTop Maui Restaurants, the definitive dining guide to Maui we published, was first started in 2005 as a monthly email newsletter. Eventually, the email became unwieldy, so we moved to a Word document. We reviewed about 30 restaurants — because that’s how many Maui restaurants we considered “Top.”

Our readers wanted more. As readership grew, and they started printing out the word document, which was updated each month, they started asking questions about restaurants we had left out. (Maui’s a tourist market — lots of places have wonderful views. Do they all serve great food? No.)

We penned a few reviews on a few more restaurants that weren’t Top. And kept adding them as we got requests. Eventually, one of our readers pointed out that we do, in fact, own a Maui Media — and could publish a paperback guide to Maui. And so we did, in 2008. And kept updating it.

But hey — guess what? Paperbacks are still useful, but not nearly as useful as the instant gratification of an online review. So starting in 2014, we put our reviews online on our blog (instead of in a book), and we are continuing to blog here, about Maui restaurants and food experiences. Use the search bar at the top of the page to find what you’re looking for — or contact us. We love getting ideas from our readers. 

We hope you find our little love child useful!

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