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Editor of the second best-selling guidebook to MauiTop Maui Restaurants, Molly has called Maui home since 2005.

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  1. Pete MacDonald
    March 24, 2010 @ 4:02 am

    We survived the great Tsunami on Maui 2010!!!
    5 am that morning a local man was pounding on our condo door and said grab your medicine and head to high ground!
    So, Deb came running upstairs in our condo and yelled at me to get up and pack the car. So I got up, brushed my teeth and started packing.
    However, there wasn’t room for my clothes. So we loaded the car with all our essentials (cheese, bottled water and cookies) and joined the caravan to higher ground. What they didn’t tell us was higher ground was just up the street a couple of hundred yards. We drove up to Makawao and walked around with hundreds of others looking for places to eat. *(food is very important in a Tsunami) I waited in line at the Komodo bakery and bought cream puffs (Well worth the wait!!)and Cinnamon rolls while Deb and Terrie went down the road to put our name in at a local bistro next to the Glass Blowers. So while we were waiting for our name to be called, we had coffee and rolls. After a fantastic breakfast (Salmon eggs Benedict), we drove up the mountain (Tsunami) even farther to Kula and the Kula flower market. (flowers as you know, are very important during a Tsunami) then we went shopping near the Kula Lodge. Around 3pm local time, we got the all clear. And started back down the mountain (with 50,000 others) the road was dead stopped from Kula (about 10-15 miles up) back to Sea Level. However, Deb and a Friend had found a back road (the other day they went to the Goat Cheese Farm) We traveled the same road and beat everyone back to Kihei. What a fantastic day! Get up at 5, get gas by 5:30, in the car and cover 75 miles round trip. Back in the condo by 4. Where we had to carry our suitcases , carry ons and all the food Deb had packed back up the stairs to our 2nd floor condo. You never know when you will need canned tomatoes, cheese and bottled water. (yes, I said canned tomatoes and cheese)

    Oh, by the way, the Tsunami hit the island about 11:30 am, and it had spread out in the ocean and was about a 1 foot wave surge in Kahului. (the north shore waves this time of year are between 10 – 20 foot) anyway, everyone got back to normal and had “I survived the great Tsunami of 2010 parties”. What a great day in Paradise!!!

    So Aloha and Mahalo.
    Pete and Deb


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