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  1. Asian Persuasion
    September 1, 2010 @ 7:57 am

    Although the food is good, their service is not consistent. Kim Chee, what a dilemma it is! You’d think you’ll receive authentic won bok kim chee, that is not the case. If they know you, they’ll give you the authentic one but if they don’t know you they give you the “head cabbage” kim chee which is on it’s sweeter side. On Oahu, no matter what Korean restaurant you go to, they are always authentic and not afraid to give many side dishes. I’ve received up to 7 on Oahu and at Asian’s just 4 or 5. If you order a Kim Chee saimin at Asians, they give you the “head cabbage” kim chee and there’s other restaurants on Maui that gives you the authentic kim chee and they aren’t even a Korean restaurant to begin with! Sushi is good at the bar side but not the service, really slow. Service on the restaurant side is hit and miss. What is most disturbing is that 3 times I’ve been there (cause we used to go more often) the kitchen cook starts yelling at the waitress! I know cause I can understand some Korean words. That is not good at all. Because if the inconsistencies we haven’t gone back for a while. I think they don’t know how to keep their customers coming back.

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