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  1. Joanne Jordan
    December 16, 2010 @ 8:58 pm

    We had such a great time at the Mai Tai Lounge the first time we went, I wanted to go there for my birthday. Unfortunately, our second experience was anything but the enjoyment we had the first time round. After noticing our drinks were very, very weak, we also noticed that my husbands ceramic mug contained a huge chip at the top, then we noticed that there were many chips, even my mug had chips all across the top.

    We decided to go elsewhere and not say anything because we didn’t want to ruin my birthday, and asked for the bill, which is where it went from bad to worse. We tried using a coupon they gave us from our first visit and the manager guy came over and said he would not honor this coupon, because we needed to present it as we placed our order. Okay, we could accept that, but he carried on being loud and rude telling us that it says right there on the coupon, that you need to present it upon placing your order. Then he continued on telling us that the bartender remembers us from the last time we were there and that he only charged us for two lite beers, rather than mai tai’s. This cannot be true because I remember my husband sputtering about the bill for, not two, but four mai tai’s, it was not cheep. As a final exchange after we paid the bill, my husband said, “thank you for sharing all that with us”. And this is where he started yelling, “you don’t have to be rude about it” and kept repeating this as we exited.

    This guy was so loud and obnoxious, the couple at the next table turned around and said he was sorry, but couldn’t help but overhear the conversation and that this guy is RUDE. This couple by the way also picked up and left. They wished us that they hoped the rest of our evening would be better.

    Also, I almost forgot, this same guy was giving this poor lady a hard time because she ordered some drink and thought that she could take home the mug. Apparently, she needed to double that order, before she would get a free mug. This was happening as we entered.

    I would not recommend the Mai Tai Lounge to anyone and I wish I knew what I can do to influence there getting “The Best” recognition in the future.


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