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  1. Lisa Brooking
    April 12, 2011 @ 7:04 pm

    Just had probably the worst service ever at a restaurant tonite at Beach Bum’s. First I’d like to say that my husband and I arrived in Maui 7 days ago for our honeymoon and we had been going to Beach Bums every night for happy hour. We received awesome service from Lana and Dannie, 2 other servers there. We had someone else tonite who rushed us thru dinner (we were 1/2 way thru our dinner when she gave us the bill and asked if we wanted a box!) and then was very rude to us when we had a $1.50 dispute on the bill at the end. She said she didn’t want to bother with running our credit card again and just threw $2 from her tip bag at us. So I just left her a 15% tip + the 50 cents extra she gave us from the $2. We were really shocked at how rude she was and we just sat at our table talking and digesting our meal (which was good, by the way) and enjoying the view. Next thing we know a man comes up to us and asks ‘can I help you two?’ We assumed this was the manager and he proceeded to get even more rude and aggressive than the waitress. We could not believe they would be so mean over a pitley $1.50. We probably spent $400 or more at this place over the last 7 days. We got up and left very very upset and very very sad that our special time with Beach Bums was ruined by these arrogant and rude people. I’ve never had such horrible service in my life. Very disappointed and I would never go here again nor recommend this place to a friend. They are not the only show in the harbor – there is also Buzz’s Wharf and Seafront Restaurant, which have similar price structures and probably much better service.


    • HansBassing
      January 19, 2013 @ 9:05 pm

      I totally agree. We probably had the same waitress. Sad how one person can ruin a restaurant reputation.
      When we arrived at 10h15 AM our first encounter was a blond lady who had no idea how to smile. And it only takes 15 facial muscles to do so. Looking grumpy like she did costs much more energy. But the worst is yet to come. I tell her that we have to wait untill 01h00 PM to catch a boat and that we would like to eat and have some drinks till then. I hear her telling this to her colleague, but I payed no special attention to that. After our drinks we get our meal around 11h00 AM and when we’re finished we get a bill around 11h20 AM. I react a little wondered, because I would like to order some more drinks. Then she tells me literally that “It’s to busy to have you guys hanging round till 01h00 PM with just some drinks.” Only 5 tables in the restaurant were occupied! I tell the lady that I am amazed but that I have to accept their policy, but that I would have liked to know this in advance. Then she tells me she did not know that we were going to sit there till 01h00 PM!?! I heard her talking about that to her colleague before!?! I found this so unbelievable and rude that I decided to leave straight away.
      I have been teaching ‘Hospitality’ for 10 years now in all kind of industries and I like to use the USA as an example of how good it can be. This however makes me to adjust my opinion a bit, but I reckon it was an exemption to the rule. I’m done with Beach Bums, even though the location and the food were OK. Service can make or break an experience and that’s a huge point for improvement at BB.


  2. Todd
    February 20, 2010 @ 8:43 pm

    I concider this to have the best smoked meats on the island. I also love the breakfast menu and great drinks. The topless tini is my favorite martini of all time. Management and service are my fantastic. Very personal and frequent service.


  3. Tom Clements
    July 20, 2009 @ 2:22 pm

    wow-if you like wonderful food-especially smoked meats-this is the place-the smoked Prime Rib is outstanding. The smoked brisket & pulled pork sandwiches are huge & great value. Breakfast-can’t beat especially when there is 2 for 1 deals. The owners are very nice people. Also great place to sit & watch the boats come & go out of the harbor. This was our best dinner find this past visit to Maui–we can’t wait to enjoy dining there several times in 2010.


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