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  1. Asian Persuasion
    September 8, 2010 @ 8:43 am

    Good local atmosphere. All the appetizers are way out of priced, unbelievable! But dinner is good. So, no appetizers for me when I go there. Great that they let you have the salad bar, soup and fruits that come with your Entree. Bathroom was clean but scary dark brown. They are willing to separate our cheques, so we gave extra tip for her, making sure we put Hideaway back into our weekly dinner bowl. Another thing…another night we where there, Eddie the owner/chef was out side talking with one of his new customers (that is nice he comes out to check out how people are enjoying their food, although he never came up to us before) and he was talking loud enough so that sitting 2 tables away we could here him telling these 2 Japanese men with Kukui Nut leis and the Caucasian lady how he doesn’t need the Cruise Ship business that he went down to the harbor and put up a sign saying “do not go to Cary & Eddie’s Hideaway to eat”. How ignorant it sounds he doesn’t even have nice silverware!

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