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  1. David Robison
    March 26, 2010 @ 3:19 am

    My wife and I greatly enjoyed the type of dining experience provided by KAI Wailea. The ability to take your time and order many appetizer size items from the menu at your leisure makes this an evening event to savor and enjoy. The menu provided my wife many Nigeria, sashimi and roll choices witch were (ALL) fresh and elegant and totally pleasing to her palette and eyes. I am not a sushi person so I stayed with the vegetable platter and grilled Robata-yaki choices as well as the specialty evening choice menu items.
    We actually made two visits to the KAI because our first nights experience did not live up to our expectations from a kitchen point of view. Our first appetizer choices were the Garlic Edamame and Original Celery Tskemono (our favorite!)We ordered the Robata-yaki Platter and to our surprise one of the chicken choices was way under cooked while another was way over cooked to the point of tasting like chicken jerky. (dry and salty) We also ordered the garlic Beef witch turned out to be skirt beef and was very tough. My suggestion would be to name the cut of beef on the menu. We also ordered the Lobster& Asparagus that was grilled perfectly and delicious. We ended our first evening by sharing the Chocolate Brownie Sunday. The ice cream was creamy, the berries very fresh BUT the Brownie tasted like a brick (hard as a rock) coco.

    On our second night at KAI we were welcomed by the waiter who served us on the 1st night. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He advised us upon entering that they were short of help and this was quite evident as we moved through the evening. The restaurant had no hostess, bartender, bus help or server helpers, just three servers wearing all those hats at the same time. They pulled it off but you could tell they were a little upset at being put in that position and the restaurant was full when we left. I hope they made out ok????? As for testing the kitchen on the second night all choices were cooked perfectly witch made us happy, the specialty items one of witch was my favorite (Crispy Shrimp was out of this world GOOOOOOD). We finished the night with an awesome (Acai Cheese Cake) Yummmmmmmmm.

    One last comment, the tables have a 16th inch deep by 16th inch width inlay border around one inch from the outside of the tables. I noticed several pieces of rice or other products on both tables we sat at in these cracks. What a wonderful opportunity for bacteria. Oh well, I won’t give up and will try this restaurant next February if it is still open.

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